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In recent years Annie's work and themes have been inspired by the landscape, which includes places visited and remembered, special places, ones that are sought out or present themselves on the many journeys made from the north to the south-west and most especially from Yorkshire to Pembrokeshire. These 'special moments' inspire an emotional and visual response to nature and provide the initial stimulus for painting and printmaking in a 'personal and expressive way'.

“The Yorkshire landscape continues to be my initial source of inspiration and following sketching days out in the dales are my stimulus for starting a painting, after that I tend to work in an expressive and intuitive way exploring different ideas and materials until I feel that the picture is starting to work and has some exciting prospects and hopefully interesting results”.

"I have always loved the process of working whether it be through creating textures, using colours and building up an image as in the mixed media paintings and collograph prints, or through using more intuitive and direct brush strokes in the acrylic or oil paintings and monoprints. Maybe being a rather emotional painter I seem to need both ways of working - depends my mood!"

"Perhaps painting for me is an act of faith as I don't know exactly how it will turn out - always responding to the process of working. Some paintings are easy and just 'appear'. Others are 'stubborn and troublesome' and are best turned to the wall for a while, (they usually respond better after a rest period)."

"I think my work now is more and more influenced by my roots in the Preseli mountains in Pembrokeshire, more than I realised. This has come out through my appreciation of and response to the spectacular local hills and moors of Yorkshire - out there on my doorstep!"

Annie is from the Preseli mountains area of Pembrokeshire but has lived and worked in North Yorkshire for over twenty five years now, she exhibits widely in the region and was a regular exhibitor at the Battersea Contemporary art fair in London from 2001 to 2010. Her paintings and often a series of work continue to be bought by private collectors in the UK, France, Holland.

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Breif CV

PGCE Huddersfield University, 2003

BA Hons, Graphic Arts, Leeds Metropolitan University, 1994

Member of the Leeds Fine Art Club UK (from 1996)

Drawing and Painting Tutor (part-time) 1997-2012

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