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Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

Art at the Mill Knaresborough N Yorkshire

Tamara Lawson Gallery Swan Road Harrogate (2015-2016)


Group Exhibitions 2022:

Summer Showcase - Art in the mill, Knaresborough

2nd August - 30th September 

Summer Exhibition, LFA - The Station, Richmond, DL10 4LD

28th July - 17th August 

LFA Summer Exhibition - Crossley Gallery 

Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AD

1st-20th May 

Group Exhibitions 2021:

Art for Youth North - Queen Mary's School, Topcliffe, YO7 3BZ 

25th-30th October

Look Again LFA - Stanley & Aubrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT

8th June-23rd October 

LFA in York Blossom Street Gallery, York

16th April - 21st June

Group Exhibitions 2019:

The Great Sheffield Art Show - Millenium Galleries, S12 LH 

21st-24th November

Harrogate Open Exhibition 2019 - The Mercer Art Gallery - Swan Road HG1 2SA

12th October 2019 - 11th January 2020

LFA in York - Blossom Street Gallery, York, YO24 1AE. 31st August - 31st October

Summer Art and Craft Event - RHS Harlow Carr Gardens, Harrogate. 31st July - 8th September

Expo 19. LFA - Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax, HX3 5AX. 7th May - 1st June

 Showcase 19, LFA - Huddersfield Art Gallery, HD1 2SU. 16th February- 9th May

Group Exhibitions 2018:

 'Time and Place' (L.F.A) Inspired by Gallery, The Moors National Park Centre, Danby, Whitby. 21st October - 13th November 

 40th Anniversary Arts Festival - (St. Gemma's Hospice) The Grammar School at Leeds. 24th -28th October

Bloom Exhibition. Kentmere House Gallery, York.  July - 2nd September

Earlier Group Exhibitions:

Art for youth North, Queen Mary's School, Topcliffe, YO7 3BZ - 23rd - 27th October 

Dean Clough, Crossley Gallery, Halifax, HX3 5AD. Exposition North (LFA) 11th June - 14th July 

RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate - Art Event 1st June - 1st July  

 Selected group exhibitions:

The Northern Connection 2 (LFA) 5th September to 8th October 2017. Pannett Art Gallery and Museum. Pannet Park, Whitby, YO21 1RE

Harrogate Open 2017 - The Exhibition is open 17 June to 3 September at the Mercer Art Gallery, Swan road, Harrogate, HG1 2SA

Dean Clough gallery Halifax (LFA) 3rd - 28th May 2017.

Harlow Carr Gardens Harrogate 29th April - 29th May 2017.

Silson Contemporary Art Gallery 'Spring into Summer' 12th May - 29th July 2017

Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk, Summer Exhibition 2016 and Winter Exhibition 3rd December - January 2017

Works by L.F. Artists at Morphets Fine Art Auctioneers Harrogate 18th-19th November 2016.

The Northern Connection (LFA) at 'Inspired by Gallery' The Moors national park, Danby. 28th October - 11th November.

Art for Youth North: Queen Marys School Topcliffe York: 19th - 22nd October 2016.

Dean Clough Gallery Halifax: 'Showcase 2016 LFA' 3rd - 28th May 2016.

RHS Harlow Carr Harrogate: 'Art Exhibition' 25th April - 29th May 2016.

St Wilfrids Duchy Road Harrogate: 'Art Space Exhibition' 28th April - 1st May 2016

Zilla Bell Gallery.Thirsk: Winter Exhibition& Summer Exhibition and

'Concepts & Visions', Leeds Fine Artists 4th July-25th July 2015.

Great Northern Art Show Ripon Cathedral 29th August- 20th September 2015.

RHS Harlow Carr: Featured artist: 14th October -8th November 2015, and

Weekend Art fair 14th 15th March & Summer Exhibition 9th June - 5th July 2015.

RHS Harlow Carr Gardens, Summer exhibition, June - September 2010-2014.

Cupola Gallery: Sheffield 14th January - 1st February 2014.

Dean Clough Gallery Halifax: Reflections' Leeds Fine Artist, 19th October - January 5th 2014.

Masham Arts Festival: October 25th - November 2013, October 2011.

North light Gallery Huddersfield. April, (LFA) 'Showcase' 2013.

Yorkshire crafts centre Bradford Gallery, (LFA) 22 November 19th Dec 2012.

The Harrison Lord Gallery, Brighouse, W Yorkshire, 'Pennine, Peaks and Pathways' Exhibition, May - June 2012.

Great North Art show, Ripon Cathedral, Ripon, September 2012 & 2011.

Art at 'The Priory', Syningthwaite near Walton, 'January Exhibition' 2012.

Oldham Gallery, Oldham, 'Over the top' (LFA) September - November 2011.

Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk, N Yorkshire, Summer Exhibition 2011.

Standedge visitors centre, (LFA) Marsden, W Yorkshire, May - June 2011

Battersea Contemporary Arts Fair, London, May: 2010, 2009, 2008.

Leeds Art Fair, The Light, Leeds, May 2008.

The Station Gallery, Richmond, N. Yorks, February 2008

RHS Garden Harlow Carr Summer Exhibition, Harrogate, July 2008

Zillah Bell, Thirsk, Christmas Exhibition, December 2007

Treasurer's House, York (Yorko Gallery), September 2007

Zillah Bell Summer Exhibition, Thirsk, August 2007
RHS Garden Harlow Carr Summer Exhibition, 2007 - 2001, ( 1996 - 95)

Battersea Contemporary Art Fair, London, May 2007, November 2006, May 2002
Dukes Oak Gallery, Cheshire, (Leeds Fine Art Club UK), July 2005
The Walker Gallery, Harrogate, (LFAC, UK), March 2002
The Stable Gallery, Old Sleningford Hall, Ripon, 2002, 2001
Simply Art, (LFAC, UK) Bolton Royd Gallery, Bradford, April-May 2001
Kentmere House Gallery, York, September-October 2001

Art Education:

B. A. Hons, Graphic Arts, LMU, 1994.

PGCE, Huddersfield University, 2003.

Exhibiting Member of Leeds Fine Artists from 1994.

Drawing and Painting tutor (P/T) 1996-2012


'Inspirations' a book by Leeds fine artists, ©2010

Look Again Leeds Fine Artisits, ©2021

The Stanley & Aubrey Burton Gallery

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