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Lockdown Paintings Series 5 & 6

The first few weeks of lockdown found me unable to carry on with work I had been doing or planned to do, I felt sort of stuck, even going to the studio was a challenge! But then I Started to realize that I now had more time to paint than before and less other commitments or deadlines so I decided to try and think of it as 'taking time out' and just do work I 'felt' like doing, and without any thoughts of 'finished pieces' for the time being anyway, so I started to do lots of explorations and several sets or series of 6 small pieces and A2 ones, using inks acrylic collage mixed media, and reflecting on ways I hadn't worked for a while, as a student, and later encouraging students to do in explorations. To loosen up and try to work more spontaneously and hopefully more creatively I started to draw and paint with my right hand (I'm left handed) this gave me less control but enlivening, the intensity and variety of marks changed and it 'felt' good, I was reminded of how much I like the way my young grandchildren make marks and draw creatively. Painting onto paper on the floor while standing above it is also great but not so good for my back though!

So anyway this is all 'work in progress' and hopefully something of this will find its way into more finished pieces later on, and create some changes 'all relative' at the moment. The studio has become a sanctuary for a while at least in the current situation.

Lockdown Paintings Series 5 & 6: Text
Lockdown Paintings Series 5 & 6: Projects
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